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The Heights

Casino Safety Standards

Your Safety and Health Are Our Priority

After a visit to our casino or restaurants, you won’t hear our guests ask, “Is The Heights Casino safe?” That’s because we’ve made an absolute commitment to being the safest casino in Northern California.

Our priority will always be to provide a safe and healthy environment for our casino and restaurant guests without sacrificing one bit of the thrills and excitement. And all it takes is a few minutes at The Heights Casino to realize we’ve been successful in our goal.

You’ll see the difference in everything we do, including our most recent actions to keep our guests safe:

  • The Heights is a smoke-free casino
  • Merv 13 Air Filters added to our casino for cleaner air
  • Continued FREE COVID-19 testing for all employees
  • Offering FREE testing for employees for COVID-19 antibodies
  • Hand sanitation station at the casino property entrance
  • Additional hands-free sanitizing stations throughout the casino
  • Optional face mask use across the property
  • No self-service drinks for customers
  • Social distancing whenever possible
  • Plexiglass in areas with close contact
  • “Safe Handles” installed to all doors throughout the casino for added protection
  • Industrial ionizers drop all particles out of the air and onto the ground, including dust, smoke, or cough droplets
  • We encourage ALL staff to stay home if feeling ill